Curriculum - Visual Arts


Visual Arts

Visual Arts includes the fields of art, craft and design. Students create visual art works that communicate, challenge and express their own and others’ ideas. They develop perceptual and conceptual understanding, critical reasoning and practical skills through exploring and expanding their understanding of the world.

The Visual Arts program involves students making and responding to artworks and drawing on the world as a source of ideas. Students engage with and develop knowledge of visual arts, skills, techniques and processes, and use a variety of materials as they explore a range of forms, styles and contexts.


Students express, represent and communicate ideas in contemporary, traditional and emerging art forms and explore the world of visual representation and expression. In the Visual Arts program students learn as an artist and audience member.


The Visual Arts program at Keilor Primary School provides students with an enjoyable, challenging and creative learning environment. Keilor Primary School has a new well-resourced arts facility. Students participate in a one hour Visual Arts class each week. The program focuses on the eight areas of drawing, painting, printing, modelling, threads and textiles, mixed media, collage and construction. Students produce 2D or 3D work which is proudly displayed throughout the Art Room and wider school environment. The Visual Arts program fosters, encourages and provides opportunity for creative thinking, imagination and problem solving skills.




In Prep to Year 2, the program focuses on creating and making. Students are engaged in stimulating, ‘hands on’ activities where they can explore, with teacher guidance, a wide range of skills, media, materials and equipment. In Years 3 to 6, the program focuses on further development of skills and knowledge, expression, problem solving, artistic perception and artist study.


Each year we celebrate the students’ achievements in the Visual Arts program with the Keilor Primary Art Show. The school community comes together over two evenings to view and appreciate the creative efforts of the students.