Curriculum - Excursions, Incursions and Camping Program


Excursions, Incursions and Camping Program


At Keilor Primary School, excursions, incursions and camps are some of the highlights of the school year for the students. These allow students to gain a wide range of hands on experiences in and around our community, access some of the best educational facilities around Melbourne and during our camping program, explore nature, scenery and activities in a variety of locations.

Excursions and incursions aim to give students the opportunity to experience aspects of topics and units covered in the classroom from a different perspective. Students are emerged in hands on activities, talks and question time with experts and the ability to experience firsthand how people and animals may live or have lived in the past.

The camping program begins for our students gradually in Grade Prep, with students attending a breakfast in their pyjamas. In Grade 1 the students enjoy a dinner at school with focus on increasing independence. Grade 2 students have a rare opportunity to have dinner and sleepover at school.

In Grades 3-6 the students alternate between different locations each year, spending two nights (Grade 3/4) and three nights (Grade 5/6) at their location and have the opportunity to take part in the unique experiences that each location has to offer.

These experiences allow students to develop independence, team work, resilience and respect in an enjoyable way and create treasured memories with their peers.