Curriculum - Bounce Back Program

The Bounce Back Program

Bounce Back is a wellbeing and resilience program. Today, increasing numbers of young people are struggling through school and life with emotional and social needs that adversely affect their learning and challenge schools and welfare agencies. Bounce Back is a program that aims to help young people function well, both at school and in life. It provides practical strategies to help them cope with the complexity of their everyday lives and learn how to ‘bounce back’ when they experience sadness, difficulties, frustrations and challenging times.


The units of work of the Bounce Back Program are:

1.     Core values

2.     People bouncing back

3.     Courage

4.     Looking at the bright side

5.     Emotions

6.     Relationships

7.     Humour

8.     No bullying

9.     Success


The Core Values of the Bounce Back Program are:

-         Honesty

-         Fairness (including social justice)

-         Responsibility

-         Support (being kind, showing care and compassion)

-         Cooperation

-         Acceptance of differences (accepting, respecting, living with and finding the positive side of differences in others)

-         Respect (for the rights and feelings of others; self-respect, e.g. cybersafe behaviour and protective behaviours)

-         Friendliness and inclusion (being friendly and socially responsible, including others in games, activities and conversations)