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Keilor Primary School, No. 1578 - Our History
Established in 1875, Keilor Primary School is located in the City of Brimbank. The school was originally located on top of the Bonfield Street Hill; the original school building footings have recently been preserved by the Brimbank Council in partnership with the Keilor Historical Society.
The school relocated in 1940 to the former Police Paddock at the bottom of the Bonfield Street hill, with a new building replacing the old school building at the top of the hill. Although the old school's location had not been ideal, the new site was even less suitable. Located just above the main road into Keilor, the sloping site was particularly unsuitable for playground activities. Unfortunately, there are no remnants of this second school site at the bottom of the hill.
In 1960, the school was relocated to a new and more suitable site in Kennedy Street, Keilor, where it remains today, adjacent to the football oval and close to the Keilor Village shopping centre. In October 1981 a fire destroyed the wooden section of the building which housed seven classrooms. At commencement in 1875 the school had 35 students enrolled, one head teacher and an assistant (his wife), and by 1993 there were 11 classrooms, 17 teaching staff and 297 students. As of 2020 we have almost 500 students, a staff of over 50 (several are part time) and 21 classrooms.
Throughout the years, Keilor Primary School has created a distinctive presence within the local community as a provider of high quality educational services and has continued to have an outstanding record of achievement. The school has a strong connection to the local community, with many generations of some local Keilor families attending the school.
School Performance
Keilor PS strives to achieve outstanding academic outcomes for all of our students. Whilst more data can be obtained from the My School website, students at Keilor Primary School routinely perform at or above state averages across a range of tested academic and non-academic areas. Student, staff and parent opinion surveys also indicate a high degree of satisfaction with the school and its programs.
Our Location
Keilor Primary School
25 Kennedy Street
Keilor, Victoria 3036