Our School - Mission, Vision and Values

Following our most recent School Review, our school community set about refreshing our school mission and vision statements.


Mission Statement

Provide a tailored educational experience that fosters curious, confident and lifelong learners 
Empowered to excel, Engaged to learn, Empathy amongst peers


Keilor PS aims to create a safe, secure and supportive environment for learning with emphasis on the school's values. The values we aim to instil and aspire in our students include:
    • Respect
    • Learning
    • Resilience
    • Teamwork
    • Collaboration
Every student has the right to:


    • Be safe and be abe to work and play in a secure environment
    • Be treated with respect and dignity
    • Learn to the best of their ability without interference from others
    • Expect their property to be safe
    • Feel safe from bullying including cyber bullying
Every parent has the right to:

    • Be valued and treated with courtesy and respect
    • Expect their child to be given the opportunity to learn to the best of their ability
    • Be kept well informed
    • Access school personel at appropriate times
    • A safe and clean environment
Every teacher has the right to:


    • Be able to perform their duties in an orderly and cooperative environment
    • Cooperation, courtesy and respect
    • Assistance and support from school leadership and parents
    • Expect their property to be safe
    • Be informed, within privacy requirements, about matters relating to students that will affect the teaching and learning program for that student


Every student has the responsibility to:
    • Display positive behaviours that demonstrate respect for themselves, their peers, their teachers and all other members of the school community
    • Deomstrate respect for the rights of others, including the right to learn, and will contribute to an engaging educational experience for themselves and other students
    • Participate fully in the school's educational program and to attend regularly
    • Be responsible for their own actions for which there are positive and negative consequences
    • Treat other students' belongings and the school's property with respect
    • Take greater responsibility for their own learning by setting goals and managing resources to achieve these goals as they progress through the school

Every parent / carer has the responsibility to:

    • Support the school in maintaining a safe and respectful learning enviroment for all students
    • Engagein regular and constructive communication with school staff regarding their child's learning
    • Respect the rights of others; the staff, parents and students
    • Promote positive educational outcomes for their children by taking an active interest in their child's educational progress and by modelling positive behaviours
    • Ensure their child's regulat attendance to ensure they can participate fully in the school's educational program
    • Resilience
    • Teamwork
    • Collaboration

Every teacher has the responsibility to:

    • Create and maintain safe and challenging learning environments
    • Use a range of teaching strategies and resources to engage students in effective learning
    • Know their students, how they learn and how to teach them effectively
    • Know the content they teach and plan and assess for effective learning
    • Respect the rights of others
    • Engage in regular and constructive communication with parents regarding their child's learning
    • Fairly, reasonably and consistenly, implement the student engagement and wellbeing policy

    For further information please see our school Statement of Values and School Philosophy Policy