Our School - COVID-19

Dear Families,

Thank you for all your support during these past few weeks of remote and flexible learning. We have all been learning a great deal about ourselves as learner, our mindset and our capacity for change.
It will be wonderful with all children returning to school in the coming weeks. I can’t wait to meet everyone face to face. To ensure a smooth transition back to on-site learning, we ask that you read the attachments regarding our school operations as there is very important information, which considers the health, wellbeing and safety of our staff and students.
As previously communicated:
- On-site supervision for children of medical and emergency service personnel families and students requiring support will continue to be offered until Friday 22 May for students from Prep to grade 6.
- No supervision will be available on Monday 25 May as this is a pupil free day
- Tuesday 26 May - Friday 5 June - Supervision will only be available for children in Grade 3 - 6 and will be supervised in rooms 1 and 3, as students from Prep -Year 2 will have commenced on-site face to face learning.
- If on-site supervisor is required a form will need to be completed each Thursday
Arrival to School
- We have implemented staggered starts and finishes, these are only just outside normal time frames. Details are in the attached document.
- If your child attends BIG they have adjusted their times to suit
- We also ask that you enter through specified gates. Details are in the attached document
- If you are waiting to enter school we ask that you apply physical distance guidelines
Procedures, Protocols and Practices
The School follows policies and procedures developed in accordance with government, health authorities and governance advice. Only staff and students are permitted on school site and parents are requested not to enter the school grounds unless they have permission. Should a parent need to enter the school site, they should call or email ahead to Reception to arrange approval. Adults are reminded to maintain a 1.5 metre physical distance from others.

If your child is feeling unwell we ask that you keep them at home. If you receive a call from the school that your child is unwell please arrange pick up ASAP and within the hour.

Hygiene procedures and routines will be implemented and reinforced with the students. Hand soap, sanitizer and antibacterial wipes will be provided in each classroom. Periodic professional cleaning will occur throughout the day and in high traffic areas such as bathrooms will occur frequently.

Students will need to bring their own labelled drink bottle and they are reminded not to share food or any belongings. Drink bottles will be able to be refilled; however, bubblers will be unavailable for use.

We encourage students and parents to download the COVID Safe app. If a student has any contact with a person awaiting results or has tested positive to COVID-19, please contact the school immediately.

Whilst we are very proud of the way our students have adapted to remote learning, it will be wonderful to hear the classrooms alive with laughter and learning again.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns and thank you for your ongoing support.

Yours sincerely

Debbie Workman
Acting Principal
(21 May, 2020)